Remembering The Jazz Photographer

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“How many great photographs can one man take in a life-time?”

Michael Johnston reports that William Claxton was best known as the Jazz Photographer, though many will remember him as photographer to the stars.

Yahoo News writes that Claxton was, “… a celebrated photographer who worked with such entertainers as Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra and who helped establish the organization that runs the Grammy Awards.” It is also said that he was instrumental in assisting the career of Chet Baker in the early 1950s.

William Claxton, affectionately know as ‘Clax,’ died at age 80 after over 50 years of working with the camera. His works include 14 books, a film he directed called ‘Basic Black’ and an enduring legacy of extraordinary photographs.

Rifftides notes him as, “… a brilliant photographer of jazz musicians and went on to a career as one of the most admired camera artists in the world.”

With the world reeling in the face of this current financial drama, how refreshing it is to look at the life of an extraordinary creative artist and be grateful for William Claxton and his contribution to the worlds pictures.


Hurricane Ike Captured!

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Passionate photographers are turning to their cameras and tripods for some creative photography.

I found an article and amazing pictures capturing one of the worlds most dramatic events, a hurricane.

When a natural wonder as powerful as Hurricane Ike came to visit Texas recently, photographers got busy.

Some of their photographs are displayed in an on-line gallery, which illustrates how natural disasters act as creative inspiration for artists.

Read the whole article and view the photographers pictures and slide shows and get inspired by some great worlds pictures at  Trend Hunter

Wedding Photography – No Regrets!

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Photographers all over the world earn their living taking wedding pictures. It’s refreshing to find that in Charli Penn’s article, Biggest Wedding Regrets, the photographer is not mentioned.

Newly married brides were asked to be up-front and honest about their biggest preparation regrets in these four areas: the reception, being a bride, the wedding party, and planning. Below are a few choice quotes and you can catch up on all of the comments and tips here: 

“I would not have combined a chocolate fountain at our wedding reception with six flower girls. Thank goodness for Shout Wipes.”

“My brothers-in-law and a few of the other guests thought we were offering an all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet!”

“It’s inevitable that you’ll have to do some damage control …”

“A lot of people got really lost on the way, and I’m still hearing about it to this day.”

“I would not have worn those ghastly fake eyelashes. They work on some people, but I’m not one of them.”

Photography Looking Like Death By Inches

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Taking over 300 pictures of one object requires patience according to Frisco photographer Peter Hom. “If you don’t have a lot of patience, this is not the thing to do, because it almost looks like death by inches.”

His pictures are pieced together in Photosynth, a new program that turns digital images into 3-D explorations. The program evaluates the pictures and constructs a three-dimensional recreation of the original object.

It all began when researches discovered they could tie together photographs to recreate a three-dimensional image utilising a technology developed by Seadragon, which Microsoft purchased in 2006

Peter became one of the first photographers to test the new technology. He is photographing landmarks in Frisco, which is the 10th largest city in Texas.  His files can be viewed here.

You can read more about Peter and Photosynth in this Star Community Newspapers article.

A most interesting contribution to the worlds pictures.